July 15th at Pie Shop
Signals Midwest, Downhaul, Flowerbomb, and American Television

Sept 16-17th at Pie Shop
Breakin’ Even Fest

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All Breakin’ Even events will comply with the COVID policies of the spaces we work with, please refer to their websites for information before attending a show.

About the bands on this bill

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July 15, 2022 – Signals Midwest first DC show in 6 years!

Signals Midwest

will be released April 8, 2022

DENT is the fifth LP from Signals Midwest. The idea for the record was borne out of an incident in which the band’s van was stolen outside singer/guitarist Maxwell Stern’s house, only to turn up a week later, wrapped around a tree in the next neighborhood over. Most of the album was written in a sweltering side room in an apartment in Philadelphia, with the members intermittently meeting up between Covid waves in Pittsburgh to work through the songs. Recorded in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021 by J. Robbins (producer for Against Me!, Jets to Brazil, The Promise Ring) at the Magpie Cage Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD, DENT mirrors the impact of its impetus and the shaken-up-soda-can energy of its writing process. The album is just over a half-hour’s worth of big songs about little moments, ominous futures, the lure of nostalgia, and, of course, getting your van stolen and then finding out it’s been totaled

Faced with considerable uncertainty and a bunch of insurance paperwork to get through (in fact, a photo used to file a claim now functions as DENT‘s cover image) a friend of the band offered some kind words: “Go write a couple of songs, go to a studio you’d like to work out of and record them. Gift yourself a nice experience.” Sure, a global health crisis and a totaled van certainly put a dent in whatever may have been, but with their fifth record, Signals Midwest has absorbed the impact, assessed the damage, and put it to tape, surprised as anyone to find moments of peace in the wreckage.

What’d we do during the lockdown? We put on a YouTube concert called Back’d Stages during the pandemic and raised $3000 for NIVA: Save Our Stages.
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